Easiest. Shaker Cards. Ever.

Jillibean Soup Jar Shaker

Okay, I really love shaker cards. The idea that you can make a card and push a bunch of glittery, shiny awesome sequins in the middle of it and let them move around. Sigh. That is just the coolest.  Like a rattle…but for grown ups–or at least not for babies. (although hey, a rattle card that’s a shaker. . . could be a must try!)

However, I am NOT the most precise of card makers. Honestly, if there’s a way to mess something up, I’ve done it. And shakers have not been an exception. My first two were so wonky and warped and gluey that I did not send them. Over time (and lots of video watching) I got better–and discovered Jillibean soup on one of my weekend stakeouts at Michael’s crafts.

So, Jillibean makes these pre-cut cards with envelopes in a few designs (big circle, little circle, star, cloud, and jar are the ones I’ve indulged in so far) and then they sell, separately, fitting shaker inserts with adhesive strips already on. You just stamp/color your card incorporating the cutout. Open the card and pop the plastic insert into the opening. Fill the shaker. Remove the liner that covers the adhesive on the shaker. Firmly close the card and the shaker adheres to the inside of the card. Genius. The example above is  one I made last month for my husband’s best friend using Hero Arts stamps and HA stencil.  (Guy cards always take a little extra thought.)  Anyway, SO easy!

Below, another super fast one–this time using zig clean color markers on a great Mama Elephant image.

Over Thanksgiving, I bumped into the Jillibean Soup web site for the first time:  www.jillibean-soup.com and wahoo–massive sale in progress!  I now have many more shaker inserts and the DIES (yes, the dies!!) that match the inserts so that I can makes these cards with any cardstock I like.  I do still make other shakers, but the premade inserts are my favorites for  fast, “oooh-worthy” results every time.

(and no, I have no relationship with Jillibean Soup–I just think they have a great, product that you don’t see enough of!

Just another crafty enabler, here to help you spend a little more green stuff. 🙂


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