Finally! Started a giveaway on Instagram, had an anniversary, and I haven’t crashed my website in 48 hours!

Image by #mamaelephant - 21st Anniversary card
Me and My Yeti

For those of you dropping by thanks to my IG giveaway, welcome!  I hope this is a first visit of several!

I confess that I’ve been reluctant to start this site–I have so little free time, that making cards has been winning out over getting this blog up and running …. for FIVE months.  Wow, I can really procrastinate with the best of them!

So, why blog, anyway? Well, I have a little daydream about being on a design team, and doesn’t seem achievable without a website, near as I can tell. Hence, .  And since I mostly write for a living, this shouldn’t be too bad, once I synch with the technology.

The giveaway:  Some of my favorite companies and favorite stuff–because I wouldn’t run a giveaway with stuff I don’t want.  So, enter away and then, if you win, I hope I get to see what you make!

And now I know how to use Instagram overlays and even how to use ye olde Random Number Integrator.  Given that I predate the era of computers, I’m darned proud of myself.  And my kids think I’m kinda cool, which is never a given.

And today is my anniversary.  It’s been, as my husband says, “21 magical years.”  And they’ve flown by.  Am I the only person out there married this long who still hasn’t cleaned and “preserved” her wedding dress?  Hmm.  Maybe I’ll dig it out of its bag for another post.  It’s VERY 1990s.  Lots of silk, lots of pearls and pretty over the top.  Probably the birdseed people threw at us is still caught in the skirt.

The post:  the anniversary card from me to the one I’d marry all over again in a skinny minute.  He’s the best thing that ever happened to me.


Author: Essie

Cardmaking and papercrafting hobbyist. Ink on fingers, glitter in hair.

14 thoughts on “Finally! Started a giveaway on Instagram, had an anniversary, and I haven’t crashed my website in 48 hours!”

    1. Thanks so much! I really hope you’re right. And as for the giveaway–well, as cardmakers know, the giving it away is a huge part of the fun! Hugs back, Kristina! Cheers, Essie

  1. Congratulations on getting your site started! My hubs and I just celebrated 21 years too! Time flies right?
    Great card for the occasion…very cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Congratulations on several goals, Instagram, blog, overlays, 21 years of marriage and impressing your kids! Wow! It won’t be long before you make a design team! This card is adorable for your anniversary! Mine is Monday, 26 years!

    1. Thanks so much! Given that I spend all my time at work on a computer, I though the web site would be a breeze. I should’ve known better!! I dropped in on your website, too–very fun and inspiring. Thanks again….the Who-food was terrific! –Essie

  3. Congratulations on your website and Anniversary! Must be something with cardmakers and marriage. 25 years here. Must be the great adhesive. Thank you for the super giveaway!

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